Sunday, 22 August 2010

Another Brick In The Wall

Hi from the Pink Floyd Machine blog!

Today we'll talk about another song : Another Brick In The Wall.(from The Wall album.) That song describing the machine, it enables us to understand.

We don't need no education!  We don't need no thought control!

More of the article can be found in the lyrics.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Welcome to the Pink Floyd Machine

Welcome to our Pink Floyd Machine blog!

This blog is published on the Pink Floyd rock band. Pink Floyd's "Welcome to the Machine" on the song you will find many interesting details. The first of the seven-minute song out of our blog as we share a video.

Pink Floyd - Welcome To The Machine

Pink Floyd at the prescience of these songs clearly demonstrated.

Comments and quotes about this song:
The only time we've ever used tape speed to help us with vocals was on one line of the Machine song. It was a line I just couldn't reach so we dropped the tape down half a semitone and then dropped the line in on the track. (David Gilmour, 1975, WYWH Songbook) 
 It's very much a made-up-in-the-studio thing which was all built up from a basic throbbing made on a VCS 3, with a one repeat echo used so that each 'boom' is followed by an echo repeat to give the throb. With a number like that, you don't start off with a regular concept of group structure or anything, and there's no backing track either. Really it is just a studio proposition where we're using tape for its own ends -- a form of collage using sound. (David Gilmour, 1975, WYWH Songbook)
It's very hard to get a full synthesiser tone down on tape. If you listen to them before and after they've been recorded, you'll notice that you've lost a lot. And although I like the sound of a synthesiser through an amp, you still lose something that way as well. Eventually what we decided to do was to use D.I. on synthesiser because that way you don't increase your losses and the final result sounds very much like a synthesiser through a stage amp. (David Gilmour, 1975, WYWH Songbook) 
It's about the industrialization of rebellion and how the modern culture has developed its own easy, well-defined niches of individuality to choose from.Continuing the self-perpetuating cycle of established outlets for the need of independence, and following acceptance of status quo to become another gear in the machine, abandoning past dreams of individual expression.The worst enemy of civilization and individual liberty is a satisfied slave. It's worth thinking about it seriously (ODMSys, Youtube user)